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Surprisingly, there are still many businesses that shy away from creating an online profile. However, despite talks that ‘twitter is dead’, it remains important to showcase your business and what it has to offer throughout social media.

Social media is an important aspect of digital marketing and The Foundry Agency manages accounts on behalf of clients across a range of platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are six reasons why you should make the most of social media:

1. SEO important!

Your social media profile can really boost your search engine optimisation (SEO)! If you don’t have a website, maintaining a social media account is a free and easy way to pave out your online identity.

Keeping your digital platforms up to date with relevant content can help your business rise through the ranks of a Google search.

2. Keep employees involved

Employee advocacy on social media is a brilliant way to promote your business as well as showing your staff how important they can be to its success. Encourage team members to set up staff accounts to help showcase your successes and develop their own digital marketing skills.

For inspiration, have a look at Hannah and Lydia’s TFA twitter accounts.

3. Easy communication

If you need to issue a message to a large group of people quickly and efficiently, social media is the best form of communication.

Whether it’s an exciting announcement or a response to crisis, social media will allow you to address your followers instantly.

4. Don’t be the odd one out

If all of your competitors are on social media, then don’t be the only one who isn’t. Think about the opportunities you could be missing out on by not making the most of the platforms available to you.

If in the unlikely chance that none of your competitors have made the move yet, lead the pack and be the first to discover a new potential set of online clientele.

5. Go global

Social media can help you to promote your business across the globe! If you’re able to offer services outside of your region, then going social can give you the worldwide boost you may be waiting for.

6. Be specific

Social media platforms are able to learn a lot about their users; where they live; the type of music they listen to; and the kind of films they most enjoy. In short, if know who your audience is you can target them directly though paid-for and pay-per-click posts.

The Foundry Agency offers social media management packages and workshops to businesses across the North West.

Call Lydia on 0151 709 1633 for a free consultation and find out how the Foundry Agency can help your expand your online horizons.




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