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Nobody is perfect and a crisis situation can happen to any company, the most important thing at that point is how you respond.

Recent PR disasters in the media have shown that sometimes a company’s response to crisis can be worse than the crisis itself.

We’ve put together our best advice to any company that may find itself in the throes of a crisis situation.

Be transparent

If you are at fault then be clear about it. If you attempt to skirt around the issue you may find yourself wrapped up in lies and end up worse off in the long run.

The best thing to do is apologise to your publics and ensure them that the incident is being investigated and will not happen again. Alternatively, if you are not at fault make this clear in statements.

Communicate with staff

Make all of your staff fully aware of the situation and brief them on how to deal with journalists or anybody else who may be asking questions.

Prepare a press statement and make this accessible to all staff case a journalist calls to gain information. The best thing a staff member can do is ask for the journalist’s contact details and let them know that they will send them a full statement via email.

Make your voice heard

Don’t ignore the issue. It is important to inject your voice into the narrative to stop the media running wild with accusations.

Releasing a statement to the press will tell your side of the story and keep your stakeholders and publics informed of any events and outcomes.

Practice makes perfect

Have a crisis plan in place before a bad situation has the chance to arrive. Work with staff on how they would deal with a hypothetical scenario so that all of your team is familiar with the procedure in case of a real crisis.

 Cover all bases

Don’t just respond to press with your statement, make sure that you reach all of your stakeholders.

This means posting your response to all of your online channels including your website and across social media.

The Foundry Agency can help you put a crisis plan together. For a free consultation call Hannah on 0151 709 1633

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