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Trending topics on Twitter are not just reserved for huge brands, global news and celebrity scandal. If a brand plays its cards right on social media, it can get its own hashtag trending too.

The Foundry Agency manages social media on behalf of the Educate Awards, the North West’s biggest celebration of education, and at last year’s awards night we managed to top Twitter’s trending chart.

The hashtag #EA16 was the UKs second top trend behind only Children in Need!

It’s not easy to get something trending but there are ways to help the process. Here’s our advice on the best way to get your event to the top of Twitter’s trends.

1. Play the long game

Don’t just introduce your hashtag on the day of the event, use it throughout your campaign! This will give guests and those wishing to get involved the chance to get familiar with the hashtag and encourage them to use it on their own channels.

2. If you don’t ask you don’t get

There’s nothing wrong with asking people to use the hashtag, in fact this is something that should be encouraged leading up to your event and on the evening itself!

Make the most of all of the event collateral, whether there are programmes, booklets, posters or screens, it’s important to remind people to tweet!

3. Keep it catchy

Remember that Twitter only allows 140 characters, so beware of promoting a hashtag that would use up too many valuable letters. The last thing you want is people cutting a hashtag form their tweet because it puts them over the limit.

4. Content is key

The content that you are putting out throughout the event will play a major part in whether your hashtag makes it to the top trends.

Really sell your event by producing tweets that are shareable and promote interaction.

5. Go beyond digital

Not everybody in attendance will already be following you on social media. So make sure that all of your promotional touch-points including posters, advertisements and invitations contain links to the Twitter account and promote the hashtag.

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