5 ways schools can use PR


Schools do incredible things day in day out yet often this goes unappreciated.

PR gives schools the opportunity to be known for more than just exam results and gives them a chance to promote and celebrate every part of school life whether its charity work, a sporting success or an outstanding play.

This year, The Foundry Agency is sponsoring the communication award at The Educate Awards and we know just how important it is for schools to communicate both internally and externally.

Here are our top tips for making sure your communication plan is successful.

1. Celebrate the good news

If your school has achieved something amazing, or a pupil has done something incredible then make sure to share the news! Send a press release along to local newspapers and websites and you may be surprised by how far the news can spread.

2. Control the bad news

In times of crisis a statement should be released as quickly as possible. This will ensure that a clear message is given directly from the school before rumour mills can begin to turn. Communicate with staff initially and then make use of all channels such as social media, radio and text message to convey a clear and consistent statement to not only stakeholders, but also the wider public.

3. Talk to each other

Good internal communication is essential to creating a successful PR and marketing plan. This can be as simple as setting up weekly staff meetings or email bulletins aimed purely at celebrating the great things happening within the school so that whoever’s job it is to share the good news knows what to share! You could even get creative and set up a school magazine or radio station!

4. Go digital

While lots of information is available at open days, more and more people go online to research schools. Make sure that your school’s online profile is creative and up to date! Provide access to a digital prospectus and give parents the opportunity to download application forms online.

5. Social superstars

Promoting your school on social media is an effective and cost-free way of getting noticed. You can make amazing connections within the education sector as well as the local community. The immediate nature of social media also makes it a great platform for crisis management.

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